Gift Card Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions applicable to your DECIEM Gift Card (the “Gift Card”). Your purchase, acceptance or use of the Gift Card is governed by the following terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the website, which are expressly incorporated herein by reference (and which can be found at The Gift Card is redeemable only on DECIEM websites within Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. The Gift Card does not expire, and has no fees. Except where a refund is required due to a legal right of revocation, withdrawal or because of rescission, the Gift Card cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. Treat this Gift Card like cash – it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. The Gift Card must not be used in any manner that is illegal, unfair, deceptive, abusive or misleading to consumers. We may suspend, deactivate or cancel any Gift Card, and freeze the funds associated with such Gift Card, in the event of fraud, unlawful activity or improper Gift Card use. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen Gift Cards, or if the Gift Card is used by a third party without your permission. This Gift Card may not be used to make a payment on any credit account. This Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another gift card. A maximum of nine (1) gift card may be used in a single transaction. This Gift Card may only be redeemed in the currency in which it was created. Standard return policy applies to purchases with this Gift Card. DECIEM is not responsible for electronic Gift Cards that are undeliverable or which are not received as a result of your failure to enter the recipient’s correct email address. For questions, or to check your balance, please find our contact information at: For information on our privacy practices, please find our privacy policy at:

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