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Our Learning Experience Platform.

DECIEM has always held the belief that learning should be inclusive, and that development is nurtured through access to collaborative and continuous learning experiences. For these reasons we implemented Thrive, our social Learning Experience Platform that allows everyone at DECIEM to be both the learner and the teacher.

Thrive provides a space for content, communication, and community. We curate diverse learning resources and experiences across our 3 learning pillars (Product & Brand, Human & Leadership Skills, and Organizational & Technical Skills), which includes LinkedIn Learning courses, employee well-being workshops, live broadcasts, internal listening sessions and cross-departmental learning events for our global DECIEM team.

Community engagement is further supported by company-wide campaigns, contests, departmental takeovers, and the ability for everyone to post their own content to learn from each other.

We believe learning happens every day, and we are committed to bringing continuous educational moments and experiences to our people to support their ongoing growth.

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